Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Obligatory Gay Marriage Post (The Travail That Isn't)

Living in California brings with it a certain diplomacy hashed out with those that don't live here. By that I mean this: All crackpot rulings, laws, perversions of intent, and reflexive and confiscatory tax hikes are immediately turfed off as the craft of reprobates.

Okay, so much for that heretofore-mentioned "diplomacy."

I say all this because, while I live here, I realize that living in a blue state with a near rabid need to crank out bad decisions on a daily basis can cause one to lose compass.

So it goes that the awful and bad venture into Reductio Ad Absurdum by the California Supreme Court--again--overturning the will of the people is less of a shock here than it is elsewhere. And that's bad. Because if we didn't have the ability to stop the juggernaut of alleged judicial wisdom out here, then, quite frankly, it's only a matter of time until Idaho has to start diversifying their cake decorations.

But again, since the scripture basically says that it would only be a matter of time until the world was run but the off Broadway rejects from Ole Calcutta and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I quite frankly welcome it. I welcome it because I'm sick of idling in scriptural-historical neutral. I'm ready to start the engines for the final lap--and nothing primes the deliverance motors faster than this stuff ("Paging Lot's Wife")

And in the middle of all this, I also happen to be enjoying a sort of doomed, paradoxical thrill out of watching Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain try to give the overt lie to a latent truth: Senators rarely become president, and most like will make bad ones anyway. At least I've enjoyed watching this anemic triumvirate jockeying for Heisman of forgettability. Too bad any one of them will harm the country greatly: Barack immediately, like a cyanide pill; Hillary somewhat illusionistically phlegmatic, then off the cliff. And McCain, a slow, painful metastasization--just long enough to masquerade as a conservative so that when the ship snaps in half, the conservatives get the blame.

But I really like the way this gay marriage thing has again illustrated that judges--like senators--know nothing about people. For the first time in 20 years, this blue state is now in electoral play. The Massachusetts Supreme Court literally robbed John Kerry of his chance at the presidency, with their poorly-timed edict. I venture that at least, the democrats are going to squander a whole lot of money in the state just to retain it, when prior to the ruling, it was practically in the bag.

But they'll win anyway, and strip America of any remaining dignity it has. Anyone that can't accurately call a Chappaquiddick-1/Watergate-0 shutout game will not be able to see past their blind hatred of American Liberty either. And for some reason, I'm just glad it's finally drawing to a close.

Me? I'm done worrying. May the beta males inherit--and redecorate the earth. I'm outta here.



Steve said...

"Living in California brings with it a certain diplomacy hashed out with those that don't live here."

So does living in Vermont.

aahrens said...

Thanks for the perspective - sometimes it's easy to get mired in all this and forget that it just brings us one step closer to the goal.


"Phoebe's Sister" (a.k.a. mjk to my friends) said...

I too appreciate your perspective. Thank you for injecting sound reason into the media-speak. You're going against the flow, which puts you in the company of the three Hebrew children. Be bold. Don't back down or bow down.
Deliverance is straight ahead.