Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Googlebot

Here is your culturally relevant interesting read of the day: 10 Neat Facts About Google. The facts are actually neat. Like the "Feeling Lucky" button costs Google $110 million a year to have (since it doesn't allow the Google inquiry page to come up complete with ads that are paid for by by advertisers). It also has an interesting/scary bit about the lore of the secretiveness of Google especially with no one being able to get inside their data collecting centers (aka "Googleville").

However, I thought entry #10 was pretty cool: The introduction of the googlebot, a metaphorical overlord robot that personifies Google as a robot that connects two different worlds (the internet and the individual).

And this Googlebot was painted on a mural at one of their data centers (see picture above).

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