Friday, February 24, 2012

Dawkins: Not an Atheist Actually

Richard Dawkins talks to the Archbishop of Canterbury and admits he can't prove there is not a God (whew!) and he's actually at an agnostic during a festival of public discussion about religion in Great Britain.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Muslims Team Up with Catholics on Campus

Did you know that Muslim attendance has doubled at Catholic Universities - because of modesty? Read this and you'll understand why that fact makes sense.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Four Artists: Diaz, Bare, Dutton, Echoing Angels

Jonny Diaz
     With his success from his hit single “Beauty of the Cross” Jonny Diaz had a great array of musical diversity. Just listening through his self-titled cd, I find him going from a smooth jazz feel, to a contemporary worship aura, to a country/gospel feel and then to a comedic type artist. I love the diversity of the album. I definitely would recommend the album to anyone looking for a great, chill, fun, positive feeling when listening to his or her music. He seems to be a great advocate for charity work and concerts, a quality which I admire in an artist. A great overall album to listen to, that’s for sure. Check it out:

Jason Bare
    Jason Bare, an artist I had never heard of before I was presented the opportunity to review his album, has an interesting feature about his singing. . His music has a great message and I enjoy the music aspect of his album, but his voice is one thing that I couldn’t seem to get over. I, personally didn’t care much for his voice. No, it wasn’t the tone or enunciation, but the vibrato. He seemed to always be singing through a fan or a leslie. His rolling vibrato is incredible don’t get me wrong, but in opinion it doesn’t need to be engaged all the time. Great songs, catchy melodies, riffs, and messages, but It was all I could do to get through listening to it once through. It’s not often I find music or a voice that I don’t really care for, but unfortunately this is one of those times. He seems like a pretty cool guy regardless judging from his promo videos. I would encourage you to check him out at and let me know what you think.
*Hint: check out the track, “Touch the Sky”

        If you’re on the search for some great new worship choruses to add to your repertoire, this I a band that you might like.  With a Hillsong feel in a sense minus the Australian accents, Dutton Brings a great perspective on sharing the Gospel around the world with their song entitled “Share.”  They have a great mix of encouraging evangelistic songs as well mixed with worshipful ones such as “Jesus, Be Lifted Higher” and “Out of the Depths.” If uplifting Christian music is what you’re searching for, I definitely would encourage you to check them out:

Echoing Angels
     Last but certainly not least is the band Echoing Angels. If I were to categorize them I would classify them as of a Christian southern rock genre. I would have to say out of the four artists reviewed, they would have to be my most favored. From the very first song, “Say What You Believe” I found myself bobbing my head right along with the catchy guitar rhythms. I love the vibe that the band gives through their music. It also seems to me that their music has much more felling built into it than some of the others I have reviewed. Fantastic vocals mixed with soulful guitar licks and a positive Christian message does it for me. Great job Echoing Angels; I can’t wait to hear more: