Thursday, July 22, 2010

Conspiracy or Reality?

So before I give the following link, know that I can't stand conspiracy theories. I find them absurd and more so built in order that people may provide order and explanation to seemingly simply absurd tragedies. In other words conspiracy theories are wrought out of a desire to bring order to the tragedy of chaos.

19 foreign Muslims getting together and hijacking 4 planes and wreaking havoc on an entire nation by bringing down 3 of the country's most beloved structures and killing thousands in the process doesn't make as much sense as claiming the government orchestrated the events.

But that said in my aimless web browsing last night i came across a link that I initially laughed at because of it's absurd allegations of conspiracy. In short, Google and the government are in cahoots to maintain control of the internet. Joseph Lieberman even has a bill in the house right now that allows for the government to put a freeze on the internet during wartime. I assumed I was reading conspiracies of a madman. But the dude has some legitimate evidence and there are countless articles he points to that seem to make things a little erie. I have not made any conclusions whatsoever, and will retain skepticism. But the paranoia of Big Brother grew a little bit in me last night.

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