Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gospel in Kenyan Nightclubs

Alert reader John pointed us toward NPR's feature on how an African worship song is lighting up the nightclubs of Kenya! They also speak glowingly of the contemporary worship in the churches that are springing up there.

As one of the comments shared: "Rough summary... "when things are going well and when they aren't, praise the Lord and... TOBINA! (DANCE!!!!)" Man, If this is what it means to worship, Is it any wonder that churches in Central Africa are growing! Who needs the clubs? Let's go to church!"

Take a listen to the feature, then watch the music video:


everettg said...

I caught that segment the other day. Yesterday was it? Seems like a million years ago but that's another story. I was taken aback by the man's statement "if you went to the club at 3AM hearing this song and you were a pious Christian you might not like what you see." It's a sad commentary on how people so easily mix between the sacred and the profane.

everettg said...

I should also note . . . I found the rhythmic vibrance and joyous celebration obvious in the song to be quite intoxicating, myself. I had no difficulty envisioning people dancing till 3AM to that beat.