Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The Supreme Court ruled recently that the church led by Fred Phelps is allowed to protest outside of funerals without worrying about being sued. This bothers me on many levels. I'm not troubled by the ruling itself . . . makes perfectly logical sense. What bothers me is that men like Phelps, on the very farthest fringe, can be used to define Christianity. It bothers me that there isn't an elder in Phelps's life who could shown him the error of his ways a number of years ago. It bothers me that this case, in the long run, will only serve to bring more publicity to his shameful behavior and broaden his megalomania.


everettg said...

If it isn't too megalomaniacal to comment on one's own post, might I also suggest the insightful piece by Andrew Cohen:

Anonymous said...

If these types of "Christians" choose to define our faith this way, we must work very hard to counter that with acts of love and service.