Saturday, August 06, 2011

Youth Congress 2011

Just returned from the spectacular North American Youth Congress 2011 in Columbus, OH. While attendance probably didn't break the 15,500 mark any night (and honestly, since when is 15,000 teenagers worshiping God a negative?) there was always an overabundance of the move of the Spirit.

All 3 night speakers were spot on, but so was Music Coordinator Kristin Keller. On both Wednesday and Friday nights, she ended the evenings on amazing worship highs. She was pitch perfect in music and Spirit, and - at the risk of being accused of overstatement (or carnality) - held the crowd in her hands as masterfully as Bono. Except God received all the glory.

Didn't see the usual Youth Congress article from the local paper of record, but they did cover the North American Bible Quiz Tournament. (Make sure you read the comments at the bottom.)

While I'm sure there were disappointments and frustrations, congratulations to all who contributed. It was spectacular (again).

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