Thursday, October 06, 2011

Review: The City Harmonic's "I Have a Dream"

To Be Released October 18, 2011

From our friends north of the border comes a band full of energy, inspiration and a contemporary take on traditional spiritual values. They portray the Christian messages intended clearly while adding in certain folk/contemporary flairs.

As their name implies, The City Harmonic offers close-knit harmonies with the message of hope and forgiveness thrown in. With the Canadian foursome’s creativity, they combine to create a rather interesting style of music. If you were to mix a Coldplay-style piano with some of Need to Breath’s acoustic and Hillsong’s synth and vocal style, The City Harmonic is what you would get.

I must admit the first band I thought of was Kings of Leon as soon as the first few chords of the first song Yours was played. The way in which they incorporated catchy melodies and upright piano sounds, along with great lyrics, into their music immediately caught my attention:

All hopes, all my dreams, all my hopes all my thoughts.

All the things I’ve loved,

All my sin, all my fear, all my sorrow for the things I’ve done.

You can have it all, it’s Yours, all of it! Yours! All of it! Yours!

Songs such as Be Still, O My Soul evoke a solitary figure sitting at the piano, singing introspectively to the Lord in a very devotional style.

I enjoyed the CD very much. Their sound, in my opinion, could be a bit more unique. It sounded a bit generic, but with today’s contemporary Christian music industry, everything is beginning to sound the same to me. New inspiration, vision and diversity is definitely needed for artists today and I believe that these young men have the makings of something spectacular. I wish them only the best in their years to come and I cannot wait to hear more and to see where God will lead them in the future.

-Reviewed by Tyler Cummings

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