Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paul Baloche: The Same Love

Paul Baloche’s latest album, “The Same Love,” is a refreshing approach to worship whether you’re looking for something to enhance your personal time and provide a worship filled atmosphere to your life or if you lead worship in your local congregation. It is filled with songs that transcend generations and echoes the popular sounds of worship groups like Hillsong, United, or Jesus Culture, followed by simple, folksy arrangements of simple, worshipful declarations complete with the requisite banjo.

Evidence of the spirit and intention of this album is the fact that it features other very well known artists and worship leaders without detracting from the message of grace and salvation echoed throughout. Kari Jobe and songwriter Jason Ingram provide support on a couple songs and worship leader, Lincoln Brewster, co-wrote “Loved By You.”

Musically, this album provides enough musical talent to keep your attention without distracting from the message and the heart of the lyrics. Paul’s tenure as worship pastor for Community Christian Fellowship leads to a style that leaves space for worship to take place rather than focusing on creating something that’s focused on showmanship. This approach is surprisingly refreshing and has had me listening to this album repeatedly for the past couple weeks. It ushers God’s presence and reminds me of the sacrifice and purpose of Calvary that provides salvation and hope that we would never be able to purchase or earn for ourselves.

From the opening notes of the album, encouragement pours out and lifts up your heart and mind. The message of “The Same Love” states that,

            The same love that set the captives free,
            The same love that opened eyes to see,
            Is calling us all by name

It is a timely reminder that we are chosen as God’s children and that a life of victory awaits those that kneel at the foot of the cross and accept the gift given to humanity when Jesus gave His life for ours. This is echoed in “We Are Saved” with the lyrics,

            We stand amazed at the work of the cross,
            We are saved, we are saved,
            Our sin has been forgiven, you have broken every chain
            We are saved, we are saved

No matter where we are in life, or our circumstances, we can appreciate the message of the cross and encouragement found on this album. If you’re looking for encouragement, worship, or new material for your congregation you’ll find it here...Thanks to Paul Baloche for pouring his heart and spirit into my new favorite album.

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