Monday, August 25, 2008

The American Reformation?

Just like in the days of Martin Luther, a handful of brave souls are standing up for truth and righteousness!  ...or at least proper grammar.  Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson were in court recently over their uninvited correction of a sign posted in a state park.  It appears a conspiracy is afoot with collaboration between the federal government and British college professors to destroy proper spelling and grammar.  Is this anything less than an attempt to undermine the very foundations of civilized society?  Anarchy will reign!! People will go around spelling "apple" "orange" just because they can!!! Something must be done to stop them.  These two are heroes, and the first casualties in the coming war.  The conspiracy must be brought to light! 


But seriously, I do have two questions.  1) If you make something better is it still destruction of property?  2) Could the federal government maybe spend a little less on ugly art and a little more on spell checking state park signs and historical markers?



Josh R

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