Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blue Like... A Democrat State

Evangelical author Donald Miller was invited to give the benediction at the Democratic National Convention last night.  Although the term "Religious Right" is often used to describe evangelicals, many have rejected this label and seek to move beyond party affiliations in serving the Kingdom of God.  Symbolically, Donald Miller did this by praying at the convention for both Democrats and Republicans, and for a united America.  But he is not just some liberal fluke of the evangelical movement.


In fact, Cameron Strang, editor of Relevant Magazine was first invited to give the benediction.  He accepted as an opportunity "to show that this generation of values voters doesn't necessarily need to draw political battle lines the way previous generations have."  Then he found out that he would be front and center on television--very prominent in the coverage of the convention.  As the editor of a bi-partisan magazine, he didn't want to be seen as endorsing either candidate so he declined the invitation.  Instead, he offered to find someone else and put in a call to Donald Miller.


With young evagelicals appearing so close to the Democratic camp (without fully endorsing), and older evangelicals refusing to support McCain, the "Religious Right" may just be a thing of the past.  Personally, I'm glad.  "Political battle lines" have never been helpful in propagating the Gospel.


Josh R.

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