Wednesday, March 03, 2010

E-Bibles Thrive as Apps!

Fascinating article on how the cutting edge in ebooks right now are e-Bibles! The Boston Phoenix tell us:

“It is somewhat ironic that religious Christians, whose most politically aggressive, evangelical factions are vociferously anti-science, are spurring this evolution. Equally humorous is that the industry that has traditionally driven technological advancements — from luring consumers away from Betamax to VHS, to developing interactive DVDs that utilize the full-functionality of digital home cinema — has been pornography. This time around, though, Christians are the torchbearers, and so it is thus: when it comes to e-Books and the digital revolution, they shall be led by holy warriors.”

This is yet another example that the secular world will (almost) always recognize excellence, be it religious or not. If you accept that as true, then the hard question we need to ask ourselves is why our artistic and spiritual efforts aren’t recognized more by a world hungry for beauty and excellence.

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