Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Website gets hacked. Ugly People Celebrate. Then they Cry.

I wish I had a long cultural commentary for today's link which can be found here: Link!

Basically, there's this dating website... for only "really really goodlooking people." 

I'm serious too. This website would evaluate whether or not you were "beautiful" or "ugly" and then only allow the beautiful applicants membership in the website.

Now, I really don't have a problem with this....niche websites should not be criticized for who they do and do not allow on their website. Of course, good looking people have it harder because preference for looks alone is quite a taboo subject these days (although I would argue the law of preference for beautiful or tall people is still operative throughout our society today, but it's just not spoken).

But the reason the website is considered news is because someone hacked the website and uploaded a virus that accepted 30,000 ugly people as members of the site. The virus itself was one thing. But the website operators went and removed those "ugly" people from their website even though they technically had memberships.

30,000 ugly people thought they were beautiful and lived the beautiful life for an entire weekend after being accepted as members. Only to have their hearts torn out from within after being told they really were "ugly" the whole time and their acceptance was a mistake.

Luckily, all the ugly people were refunded their membership fees and were even set up with a phone number to a crisis hotline as a means to cope with the rejection.

While the intricacies of this story are many, and quite laughable (for instance, what kind of world are we living in where 30,000 people are actually applying for this website?) one concern is for those thousands of actually good looking people who were previously accepted into the website?

Think about it....these beautiful people paying their hard earned dollar to be members of such an exclusive website, just so they don't have to deal with looking at the profiles of "ugly people"  when they are trying to find someone to date. And then one day  they log into the website, and find 30,000 ugly people roaming around that dating website! Can you imagine the trauma of the beautiful person that weekend? 

I just hope the site operators had some kind of recompense set up for those who were forced to look at the profile pictures of those mistakenly accepted ugly people.

(The above is sarcasm)

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