Friday, June 24, 2011

Week in Review

A couple interesting tidbits in the news this week.

(1) I have lately been quasi-following the question of the nation's debt and looming debt ceiling deadline. I like how this video outlines the issues very plainly. There is, unfortunately, little or no commentary as to the ramifications. These are precarious times for the U.S. economy. I'm more than a little concerned. I wish I had suggestions. I don't.

(2) Which brings us to the question of spending. Does the government spend too much? Undoubtedly. But can other folks pick up the slack? Not likely. I don't think most conservatives fully appreciate how many needs are out there.

(3) I'm sad that I now work too far away (20+ miles) from my home to conveniently bike to work. I really enjoyed my 13.2 mile commute home from downtown Minneapolis before we went to Africa. I know I was happier when I was riding my bike home from work. This article highlights some additional facts and figures surrounding cycling commuters and their relative state of happiness.

(4) Jon Huntsman, or Mormon-in-Chief #2, will vie for the top spot for the Republican Party in 2012. I appreciated this tidbit. I hope you do, too. Huntsman's website has a veiled nonsensical allusion to a biblical passage to which Joshua Green amusingly comments, "political consultants, like reporters, are so ignorant of religion that the allusion probably would not even have occurred to them."

(5) "Life moves pretty fast." This is a bit older piece but it was new to me this week so I present it to you in that vein (there's been a lot of additional commentary, see also this one for a contrarian view. I grew up in the 80s and so this movie was close to my heart as a 16 year old high school student wishing I, too, could be Ferris Bueller. While the author of this article has put a great deal of thought into the film, I am unable to devote that much time to thinking about it. For me, 25 years ago, it was simply a joy. While I have never had much fascination in the way of fancy cars, I'm sure it was the premise of skipping school with my favorite "War Games" movie star and cute girl that held such great appeal for me back then. I don't really know what I'd get out of it now. Can't say's I'll be watching it again, unfortunately. Oh, and the Charlie Sheen bit, prescient.

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Lovely commentary. thanks!