Thursday, July 21, 2011

New CD: Jake Hamilton--Freedom Calling

Jesus Culture worship artist Jake Hamilton releases his new album, Freedom Calling, this summer. Following on the heels of his debut album, Marked By Heaven, Hamilton continues in the same straight-forward rock style. Seeking to reach a “new generation of worshipers,” Hamilton’s lyrics are honest, thought-provoking and geared to the youth culture. “I long to give the Body of Christ a language for reformation and revival through melodies that will be carried on for generations,” states Hamilton.

Raw, rock style vocals, coupled with driving drums and guitars, set the stage for this message. Beginning with the driving War Drums, Hamilton sets the stage for a musical journey through themes of surrender, intimate worship and that of surrender to God’s purpose – a “leaning” away from one’s own purposes and into the calling and plan of God.

While the entire album is lyrically rich and musically diverse, my pick tune has to be “Looking For One.” Hamilton acknowledges,

Jesus came to save the world, then he let us give it a whirl

And we messed it up, but I’m not givin’ up.

Cause far as I know mercy still remains, judgment only comes if I don’t remain

Faithful. You’ll find me faithful

You’re looking for one who can feel your heart beat

Can feel when you lead, the time and the season,

You’re looking for one who’ll stand in the gap

Never look back, find your heart in their freedom,

You’re looking for one.

Sure to be a hit with those who like their music hard, loud and “in your face,” Jake Hamilton’s Freedom Calling brings the challenge we all need to hear.

-Ann Ahrens

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