Friday, September 16, 2011

Alzheimers = Death = Divorce

Apparently Pat Robertson said that Alzheimer's is equivalent to death, so a Christian spouse could divorce their loved one with Alzheimer's. Really? That's a pretty interesting reading from the Gospels.

Like Jessie Jackson on politics and race, Pat Robertson has long, long ago stopped speaking for Christianity, but lazy members of the media just can't stop quoting them as if they're authorities. Still, it's the latest example of how society will paint us (or allow ourselves to be painted) if we don't work hard to counter stereotypes through love.


Margo said...

That guy sounds like a nutjob! I just love it when people like that make outrages claims like that. I'm pretty sure nothing like that was mentioned in the bible.

If my man developed Alzheimer's when we were elderly, I'd still love him. The brain might be wonked, but the heart never will be.

Anonymous said...

I think that, it's all in God's will..
He gives someone a disease, Alzheimer 4 example, to make us human more dependent on Him, know..that kind of feeling.

My great-grandpa, he passed away due to Alzheimer.. It really hurt when he did not recognise me anymore, scolding me, shit everywhere in the house. But his wife, she was so loyal to him. She fed him, clean him.. If I get married someday,Idk if I can be a good wife to my husband...

Love is amazing..totally agree with Margo.