Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cheap Theatrics

This pastor in England decided to preach a powerful message to his congregation.  Instead of screaming or jumping, though, he merely sat.  He dressed himself up as a bum and parked himself in front of the church with some scattered beer cans and syringes.  Most people, he said, ignored him.  The ones that had something to say were telling him to get lost.  Nobody offered to help him in any way.  Then, after the service got started, he walked into the church and revealed himself to his congregation.


I wonder how I would have respoded.  I wonder how my church would have responded.  How would most Apostolic churches have responded?  How would we have responded if someone showed at the front door of one of our conferences  (General, youth, campmeeting)?  As the pastor points out in this article, it's easy to say that you would have handled the situation correctly.  But do some soul-searching.  How have you responded in the past, maybe not at church, but anywhere?  What thoughts generally enter your mind when you see someone who looks homeless, or even just very poor? 


It's amazing how little we think of the poor in America and how much Jesus loved them


Josh R.

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