Saturday, July 05, 2008

Guerrilla Gardening?

You know, the fourth of July is all about remembering the founding of this nation. But when I think about our nation's founding, I think about rebels who were willing to die for the cause of freedom. I think about people who stood against a king because they felt that they should be free to govern themselves. To tell you the truth, if I think too much about it (like if I watch The Patriot or something) I start getting in a revolutionary mood myself. But what to rebel against? What cause can I support that fights The Man, but doesn't go against my Christian morals?

Then I discovered guerrilla gardening. People who desire to see more beauty in their cities, but find cutting through red tape and government bureaucracy nigh impossible, are taking matters into their own hands. Guerrilla gardening can take on many forms. Some people sneak in under the cover of darkness and plant flowers and other plants in the medians of highways. Others find a vacant lot and start a vegetable garden. Still others simply take care of areas that are neglected by the city.

Guerrilla gardening has in the past been tied to radical environmentalist groups seeking to redefine land ownership. But it has grown beyond those beginnings to include many people who just want more beauty in their cities. Taking ownership of the problems is a serious step toward a solution. And taking ownership of caring for your city is certainly a noble cause. In a way, it's like getting involved with God in creation--getting back to humanity's original task, tending the garden.

So this weekend why not get together a group of friends, make a quick trip to the local plant store, and bring beauty where there was none. You know deep down inside your a rebel anyway.

Josh R

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Alex Steed (of Make Something Happen) said...

Great piece. It is so nice to see how many people are posting about/reporting on this. I just did an interview with Erik Knutzen, author of the blog Homegrown Evolution. You should check it out (his blog, I mean - I also linked the podcast above). He just released the book Urban Homestead, which you should check out if this is your bag. He (and his coauthor Kelly) talk about Guerrilla Gardening in it quite a bit.