Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oil Prices Are At Least Educational

Just as Ambrose Bierce one said that war was God's way of teaching intermittent geography, rising gas prices are dumping a Henry Hazlitt double-energy shot right into the American 32 oz, Jamba Juice of ignorance.

The lesson? Depend on middle-eastern nutcases for your fuel, and you place yourself at the mercy of middle-eastern nutcases--who also seem to have the American media convinced that trading living Hezbollah fighters for dead Israeli soldiers is a "fair deal."

So here sits nine million acres of frozen Alaskan armpit, with tons of oil underneath a few thousand square acres of it. And Barack Obama doesn't want to drill it. Or, should I say he doesn't want to drill it--yet. But I have faith. He'll discover the virtues of drilling, just as he suddenly discovered:

1) the validity of the second amendment.
2) the need to listen to the phone conversations of people smitten with flying our passenger jets into our skyscrapers.
3) that people that "cling" to their faith may actually know how to vote. And may be smart enough to ignore guilt trips and Chris Mathews.

As I told my workplace, arch-political nemesis, if Barack Obama veers any further right in his blatant and arrhythmic pandering, he may wind up being called a Reagan Democrat. But I know one thing: let gas go to $10.00 a gallon, and Barack Obama will bulldoze an abortion clinic if he thinks there might be oil underneath it.

Addicted to oil? Sure. I'm also addicted to oxygen. So far, the alternative, Helium isn't working either.


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aahrens said...

that was razor-sharp as ususal. Especially the "bull-doze the abortion clinic" part. Nothing I can add except a hearty "amen."