Friday, October 17, 2008

GC 08 Friday

Not a real exciting GC--not much to blog about. Scotty Slaydon was elected as FMD Secretary. As far as I know, all other secretaries retained their positions.
Attendance is really down. East coast GCs are not high attendance, but this one is really low. Seemed like a very small crowd for the Sup's message Thursday night. I hear 7000 are registered, but although I am not good at guessing crowd numbers, I'm positive 7000 were not there to hear him.
Booth business is really slow. I saw very little action on any of my shifts thus far. Even the PPH, FM, and HM areas--the high profile high sales areas--are seeing very little traffic. Maybe the weekend crowd will pick up for Saturday sales.
It rained and turned cold today--50s and women scrambling to find jackets and shawls. Thank God for mall across the parking lot and shawls in the FM booth area! :)

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