Saturday, October 04, 2008

Temper of our Times

We live in interesting times...a Presidential election...wars and rumors of war...a Wall Street bailout that resurrected the big "D" (Depression) for the first time in decades...

Then, in the arts, which often tell us more about our times (and the past) than the headlines, there is this - two movies with decidedly different agendas, playing only to their bases? It will be interesting to see how audiences and critics respond.

Web 2.0
Likewise, I found this article on Web 2.0 insightful on many fronts. Take these pull quotes:

"The point of this new media landscape is to create something and share it with the world. When we post anything to the Web, we are begging for a conversation. We want to be ridiculed, called out, accepted, talked about, linked to, and, most important, not ignored.

It's easy to criticize the rise of participatory social media as a giant waste of time. And it's true that a fair amount of what's being created is adolescent. But that criticism misses the point: This trend is setting the stage for greater long-term engagement. It's an indicator that people are working to find new ways to collaborate and to be part of something larger than they are individually. The sheer immensity of the participation is the story"

This is an indicator of how people are/will be changing their behavior and goals. To reach them with the Gospel, we must understand these changes to be effective for the kingdom.

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