Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Atheists Regale British Buses Displaying Slogan Skeptical Of Own Slogan

The irony of these guys is what I enjoy the most.

I have a good many friends--and I mean legitimate friends--who profess to be atheists. I find most of them to be an avatar of the sign to the right, despite their more resolute professions to me verbally. Mainly because their arguments about war, poverty, genocide and pain being either a subset of an impersonal god or no god at all also latently argues that we exist in a broken model of something that had a higher ideal to it. And of course we all know what--or more imporatnly who--that points to.

Now as far as Richard Dawkins goes, I've got to give him props for at least decorating his prevaricating, inaugural slogan in non-threatening pinks with accompanying balloons for the trial run. I think the campaign may be successful. Probably.


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