Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barna: Percent of Female Senior Pastors Doubled Over Past 10 Years |

Barna: Percent of Female Senior Pastors Doubled Over Past 10 Years |

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While Apostolics seemed to be on the cutting edge of women in leadership positions in the 1960's, that trend has been on a slow recession since then.

Now hearing about a woman who is licensed in the UPC is very rare and even more rare is the woman who is a pastor in the UPC.

So it's on this note that the above link is a fascinating look into the position of women in non-Apostolic denominations...

For some this report is a very good thing who are praying that this trend pours into the UPC. For others, this may be a warning signal of potential change within our ranks in future generations.


Anonymous said...

Quick question....when referring to hair we often quote the scripture in I Corinthians saying it is a "shame" for a woman to have short hair. Further, we define "shame" as "Sin." Taking this same logic, if we look at I Cor 14:35, it says it is a "shame" for a woman to speak in church. That "shame" is the same word in I Cor 11.

Now, I'm not against a woman speaking in church just find it a little hypocritical that we use one scripture one way and then ignore the other.

Scott said...

If it’s wrong for a woman to teach or to take authority over a man, it seems to me that it would also be wrong for a woman to preach or take authority over a church full of men and women. (See I Tim 2:12)

The Bible does tell us that the older women need to teach the younger women, but it never seems to allow for women to teach men.

Personally, I hope that the apostolic movement gets a hold of this. I'd rather come off as sexist or old fashioned than to come off as Biblically wrong.

chantell said...

Tell that to Vesta Mangun and Nona Freeman and the many other women preachers and missionaries now and throughout history who have been instrumental in our movement.

brian said...

Thank you Chantell.

The trend towards fewer licensed women in the A/P movement disturbs me.

John said...

I love I Cor 14:36 "What? came the word of God out form you? or came it unto you only?" Pouts I Cor 14:35 in a new light. And if women are not to speak then it is going to cut down on your Sunday school teachers and any other ministry that requires talking.