Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can't Miss Conference: The Forum 2009

The Forum is the annual Apostolic conference that focuses on relevant topics over big-name speakers because it's about a conversation, not a lecture from a self-described expert.

So enjoy a long extended conversation with interesting people on topics such as:

  • The 21st Century Church - Is anyone loyal to the local church anymore?
  • What's Possible (for Apostolics) in Today's World?
  • The New Social Gospel: Fresh Message or 60s Liberalism? Is it Apostolic or Emergent?
  • The Fit Christian
  • Doing More with Less - Resources for Small Ministries
  • When Does Music Become Secular?

Plus, Jason Sciscoe will be speaking on "Giftings vs. Callings" with breakout sessions afterwards on "My Calling: The Arts," "My Calling: Business Professionals," "My Calling: Ministry."

So scratch in October 23-24 at Gateway College of Evangelism in St. Louis as a must-attend event! Co-Sponsored by 90&9, natch!

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