Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Must See-Internet Website

Every once in a while websites are discovered that appear to be from God himself....and I argue that this website is one of them titled: "Stuff Christian Culture Likes." If you have a good half hour to an hour, be sure to check that website out. It's a spin off the infamous "stuff white people like" book and website.

My three favorites of stuff Christian Culture Likes:

#77-“Getting Plugged In”

#71-Worship Leaders asking folks “to really think about the words to this next song!”

#66-Backrub Chains


In my search for similar websites, I found Stuff Christians like which appears to be much of the same, except the list is entirely longer (something which deterred me from wanting to take the time to properly evaluate the sight.)

And as for the above mentioned links, I have used their blogs as inspiration for my new blog: Stuff Apostolics Like. While not original, I hope it can gather a few giggles (I have two up, and will try to upload about ten a month at least)

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