Thursday, January 21, 2010

BOTT 2010: Challenge

At the conclusion of his message, Brother Mitchell had ushers hand out cards. One for each person. Each card has the statement on the front:

"I will seek to invest in others who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ and invite them to my church."

On the back are three spaces for names of three people that the cardholder will attempt to invest in and invite to their church. Also a pledge:

"I will pray daily for them, share my testimony with them, and invite them to my church."

Below that is a place to sign and date the card.

If every person in the room won those three people, 9,000 people would be added to the church.

We have been challenged to reach the lost! Even if you are not at BOTT 2010, you too can join this evangelistic effort to reach the lost!

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