Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Kissed Kissing Goodbye....

Link of the day: A Brief essay on the Virgin Lips Movement

Virgin Lips movement being in that people are actively administering a "no-kiss" policy in dating and engagement relationships. They are not being legalists about it, but there are people who are indeed waiting until they hear the words "I do" until they kiss.

While I do not have a stance at this moment, I must say, on the practical side of things I can see this actually working for couples that date (or court), get engaged, and marry all within a year. Outside of that, I see the whole process as quite maddening.

What do you think?


shannon rhodes said...

not being legalistic about it? ya sure?

Mary Frances said...

To be honest, I AM ALL FOR it!!! I was in a relationship for like two years with someone. We had plans of getting married and talked about it all the time but it didn't work out!!! Now there are days that ALL I can say is, Oh Glory! Thank God I NEVER kissed him! LOL LOOK I EVEN blogged about it- http://classicmarymoments.blogspot.com/2009/10/moment-like-this.html

AND Just for the record I TOTALLY don't think its a sin or whatever. Its just my own personal decision!


Jacqueline said...

Not only does it work, I have seen it happen! Not just once, twice but multiple times. I've been to multiple weddings and watch couples have their first kiss on the wedding day. There is something that makes that wedding just a little more precious when you see their first kiss.
Yes, it might be a movement, but it's a choice. I choose years ago to not kiss to my wedding day. Has it been hard, no not really. I haven't been in a serious relationship yet.
I have also seen the other too. Those who maybe only kissed when they got engaged or those who kissed before they came to God. Their wedding was still amazing! Anything is amazing when God is involved.

Hope this helps!

Sweet 25 1/2 & never been kissed!

Anonymous said...

I know people who didn't kiss until their wedding day and all I can say is: AWKWARD!!! Those "first kisses" are NOT glamorous when displayed in front of 50 or more people. They are either, a) stiff, rigid and nervous with little to no lip movement, or b) sloppy with WAY too much tongue involved for any innocent flower girl to witness.

ha ha!