Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Koran Burning: Blind to Your Own Faith

This is yet another example of a citizen being unable to distinguish between his American citizenship and his Christian faith, as if they're the same thing. Some pastor (of 50 people! not a megachurch--50 people!) decides he's going to host a Koran burning on 9/11 and the media can't stop highlighting it.

"How much do we back down? How many times do we back down?" Jones told the AP. "Instead of us backing down, maybe it's to time to stand up. Maybe it's time to send a message to radical Islam that we will not tolerate their behavior."

Honestly, is the best way to share the salvation message with Muslims? What exactly does that accomplish for Jesus? If he wants to make some type of (insert adjective here) statement, then he shouldn't do it at a church that preaches a message the world needs to hear. Do it at home. Do it anywhere else. Don't do it telling everyone you're acting like a Christian, when you're actually just acting like a (insert adjective here) American.

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