Thursday, September 30, 2010

UPCI General Conference Voting - UPDATED (Again)!

Bro. Randy Keyes resigned as Assistant General Superintendent - Western Zone before the United Pentecostal Church International's General Conference this week in Houston, so that position was open.

Earlier today, the nominating ballot's top 3 names were:

Stan Gleason--234 votes
Ron Mullings--229 votes
Anthony Mangum--69 votes.

Mangun then withdrew. Gleason, the District Superintendent of Missouri, then won in the run-off.

Otherwise, all the secretary positions of each division were re-elected, with Michael Ensey moving into the vacated General Youth Division Secretary position.

1. The Media Missions Division was closed.
2. Word Aflame Publications was moved under the Sunday School Division from PPH.
3. Allow "assistant to the pastor" to move from local to general license in the process.
4. Express appreciation to everyone.

No, I don't exactly know what #4 means, but thought I'd pass it on from my informant anyway.

BTW, this was all electronic voting for the first time, with about 1400 voters.


E.Neumann said...

Thanks for keeping all your faithful readers informed. Any observations yet?

Anonymous said...

Any word on the resolutions yet? I heard that there was a new one added.

Joel Riley said...

can we propose a collideoscope resolution that appreciates our readers?

Ishta said...

lol at "informant." who are you people! lol

Anonymous said...

anyone know if the resolution for the restoration of fallen ministers will be on list in 2011? I've heard it was 2011 and also heard it was 2012.


Anonymous said...

I too would like to know if they will vote on the resolution to restore fallen ministers this year. My understanding was in 2009 was that they would look at it for 2 years. This affects me personally and any info anyone has will be greatly appreciated.