Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Beginning of the End: Man vs. Machine

I just heard about this, and it's probably because I rarely check the news or watch the news...Shame on me...

But apparently IBM has developed a computer named "Watson" to compete in Jeopardy (Pictured). This entire week finds Watson competing against two of Jeopardy's most prolific winners on TV.

Last night in the first match, things ended in a deadlock with Watson and one of the contestants ending the episode with $4,000 each, but this is a week-long competition with the same three players so the draw itself is rather insignificant. More interestingly, Watson had a few computer glitches along the way, such as restating the wrong answer the previous contestant had also answered wrongly.

I have no thoughts on this matter other than the fact that I am waiting for the day that this whole earth lights on fire because of some snarky robots who have outsmarted us, and by outsmarted us, they just realize that humans are terrible, violent people and need to be distinguished for the sake of peace....Yes thoughts like these go through my head when robots play jeopardy.

Recorded Test Run-

Poor Video of some of last nights episode (if it stays up):

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