Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Liberal Media vs. the Conservative South

Last week we saw quite a stir with a supermarket in Arkansas censoring a magazine cover that exhibited Elton John holding hands with his partner.

One customer tweeted the censorship and the media latched onto it broadcasting too and fro on tv and on the internet.

This week, we get another similar case wherein it was reported a single restaurant of the fast food chain, Chic-Fil-A had been donating food to the Pennsylvania Family Group that is against gay marriage.

Naturally there has been a media outrage against the convservative restaurant owners and even calls for protests from their food....

As someone who is a big advocate for the separation of church & state, I am for the legal permissability of gay marriage.

That said, i find such instances of leftist "bullying" against anyone who is against gay rights repulsive.

If people want to support private institutions with the money they earn or the product they make, that is their perogative. But I worry for a nation that finds its media against such private investments of money when the investmens seem "politically incorrect" such as a millionare family donating money to anti-gay marriage groups.

I would venture to say that, the idea of being "politically correct" is in itself politically incorrect. Because these "politically correct" liberal hawks look to prey on conversatives in the name of gay rights (and thus argue for some kind of "equality" for gay people.

However, the problem is that when the liberals get mad at tradtionalist Southern institutions, they immediately contradict themselves in their call for equalitiy. That is, the liberals call for gay rights but are at the same time against the rights of conservatives to preach their own view.

The dilusion of these liberal bullies is they assume they are the tolerant, equality-loving people when their agenda is intolerant against those who disagree.

In short, the liberal bullies are saying "equality, tolerance, and freedom for all" for only those who agree with our defintion of what tolerance, equality, and freedom is. Such contradictions are the demon of our society, and we as Christians should never find ourselves in a society where the only beliefs that can be expressed are the ones that the liberals agree with.

If there is any positive to this story regarding chic-fil-a (who sadly had to come out with a bunch of releases saying they aren't anti-gay marriage nor anti-homosexual), it is that the backlash created against Chic-Fil-A by the media will no doubt result in a bigger backlash monetarily against the Liberal Media. Thus the Pennsylvania Family Group should be thankful for the liberal bullies since previous the controversy, all they were getting from Chic-Fil-A was food, will now find more private donations heading it's way from private investors. The liberal media in this instance, while making the most noise, will in the long run only be biting itself in the butt... (clap clap clap).


AlbertaMama said...

I agree with you 100%! I happen to be a Christian from a gay family; however, that doesn't mean that I advocate for gay rights to the point of alienating and bullying those who are against homosexuality. I believe that everyone has the right to believe what they want, period!
I would never boycott a church or reigious organization, nor condemn them for preaching their belief in what the Bible says about homosexuality. I reserve the right to not attend myself, but I fully encourage others who practise their faith in the same way to go.
As a Canadian, we already have legal marriage for same-sex couples. I fully support it! As a Christian, I fully support a member of the clergy's right to not marry same-sex couples on the grounds of religious belief.

Sarah said...

Great post! I don't agree with gay marriage but I also don't believe in bullying someone whose opinions differ from my own. Where is our freedom in this country? Why should a person's or business' beliefs affect how successfully they function in this world? It shouldn't!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!