Wednesday, March 05, 2008

High On the Mountain

When Moses brought the Law from Mt. Sinai to the Children of Israel everyone was high.  At least that is the suggestion of Hebrew University Professor Benny Shanon.  Apparently, two plants growing in the area possibly contain the same kind of hallucinogenic properties as plants used in the Amazon to induce altered states of consciousness.  In these altered states of consciousness “…one often feels that in seeing the light, one is encountering the ground of all being… many identify this power as God.”  According to Shanon, this is probably what was going on when the Bible describes thunder, lightning and a trumpet blast.  Shanon is qualified to speak about such things because he has personally experienced the hallucinogenic effects of these drugs several times.


So wait… we’re supposed to take the word of a drug-addled college professor over the best-attested historical document ever written?!   Hmmm…

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