Monday, March 10, 2008

The New Commandments



In the interest of maintaining relevance in a changing world, the UPCI recently adopted a change in its bylaws to allow ministers to appear on television.  TheVatican is speaking out against embryonic stem cell research and drug trafficking, placing them on a list of “modern sins .”  Of course the Bible doesn’t cover everything.  That’s why we have the Spirit of Truth to lead us and guide us into truth.  Still, the Bible gives us principles by which to lead our lives, and these principles, along with the leading of the Spirit, help us to live right in any era.


But according to the principles of the Bible, how do these new sins line up?  Well, some are very biblical—such as speaking out against social and economic injustice—even though they haven’t been at the forefront of American Evangelicalism.  Read pretty much anything between Song of Solomon and Matthew and you’ll some of God’s thoughts on these topics.  Other sins, such as human cloning, are simply not addressed at all in the Scriptures, either directly or in principle.


But many of these “sins” based on biblical principles depend heavily on how one interprets the Bible (not to mention science).  Pollution, genetic manipulation, and climate change may be dangerous playgrounds, but the Bible may not support the label of sin.  Many will say these are clearly always wrong, while many others will say they are sometimes ok.  In these kinds of areas we must always remember the advice of Paul to the Romans—let everyone be fully convinced in their own mind, do everything to honor God, and don’t pass judgment on those Christians who believe differently than you.


Just For Fun:

If you could write your own list of “modern sins,” what would be at the top?





Liz said...

Cheating on taxes and then calling your tax refund a "blessing"

(sorry - sore subject since I'm a tax preparer)

Richard Perry said...

I like your website.
My sin?
Promoting your apostolic website on other apostolic blogs. :)

P.S. Seriously, I have a funny site that lists my 7 unpardonable sins. Check it out.