Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Signs Of The Times

One would expect that the issue of "assisted suicide" would arise again, and not suprisingly during an election cycle. Nothing really prohibitive came of the incarceration of the infamous "Dr. Death," a.k.a. Jack Kevorkian. It just so happened that the law managed to lock up a man who managed to not only have a monolithic devotion to dispatching the depressed and infirm, but seemed to have a latent per-capita quota lurking in the glove compartment of his van.

Although, the fact that the recently-freed Kevorkian is considering seeking public office may have some impact on the international coverage of the following:

ABC News has this very, very sad case of a French woman, suffering from a horribly-disfiguring cancer of of the olfactory channels. (Warning: if you click on the slide show accompanying this story, you'll see exactly how pungent her disfigurement is). Her request to be medically terminated was--suprisingly--declined by a French court.

I can only pray for her healing, and her soul. I know one thing--granting her wish would have helped neither.


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