Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Southern Baptists Go Green

No doubt inspired by my previous post about theVatican’s new sins, the Southern Baptist Convention has decided to update their position on climate change.  They are calling their previous lack of action regarding the environment “too timid.”  Now they are calling for more action among Southern Baptists to prevent climate change.  They are also asking their preachers to make the environment a more frequent topic of sermons.  Acknowledging that the science isn’t fully convincing to everyone, they expressed their concern that their previous caution may have been “seen by the world as uncaring, reckless, and ill-informed.”  Jonathan Merritt, spokesman for the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative, pointed out that God reveals himself both through Scripture and through his creation.  “…and when we destroy God’s creation,” he said, “it’s similar to ripping pages from the Bible.”




Ron Giesecke said...

Too bad they don't see ripping the gospel out of Acts as "ripping pages from the Bible."

And they apparently tore Revelation out, too, since the earth is still here--there.


John said...

It would be good for them to reread Acts one more time. But you can destroy something with out obliterating it; think spilling iodine on a dress shirt. More importantly Matthew 25 tells us in no uncertain terms to help people in need but through our pollution we are literally killing people.

Ron Giesecke said...
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Ron Giesecke said...

But if they don't get the Acts thing down, they'll just have to live the rest of their lives free of carbon emissions right up until the fall into hell. Lotta good that Walden Pond book did them.

If the bible is right at all (which I think is our premise for anything we discuss as Apostolics), then the earth--as well as people--are still flourishing on a non-destroyed planet when God ultimately does it Himself.

I believe in feeding the poor. And I believe in taking care of the environment in a sensible fashion. And while I believe we do have an effect on the environment, I do not believe we are bringing about one of Al Gore's pizza nightmares.