Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Creating Art as Christians

How evangelistic does Christian art have to be?  In order to faithfully produce art as Christians does it have to include scriptures, the name of Jesus, a call to repentance, the plan of salvation, or worship directed specifically to God?  Whether writing books, writing music, painting pictures or producing film, the Christian artist must determine where they are going to draw the line.  These artists have drawn their own line very clearly.


BuzzDixon and Marlon Schluman of Realbuzz Studios are attempting to challenge the general consensus that Christian art these days is more Christian and less art.  After years of watching cheesy rapture movies, viewing unfulfilling angelic television shows, and listening to hundreds of CCM songs that all sound the same some Christian artists have had enough.  Specifically, the Christian comic realm has suffered one less-than-compelling Bible-themed story after another. 


With one eye on the comic book market and another on the Bible, these artists are doing everything they can to create professional, well-drawn, gripping comic stories for teens from a Christian perspective.  But the line they have drawn leaves out the scripture references, the name of Jesus, the calls to repentance, and all the other stuff that “good” Christian comics are supposed to include (remember Chick tracts anyone?).  The Christian values are throughout the stories, but in a subtle way.  Instead of using art to browbeat people with the Gospel, they are simply being faithful Christians producing art.  May they become an inspiration for other artists out there who are also Christians!


(For a similar discussion on what it means to be a faithful Christian partaking of art see this week’s dueling cover stories over at the mother ship.)


Josh R.


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