Tuesday, April 29, 2008

President Bush Handles Media At End Of Presidency The Way He Should Handled It At Beginning Of Presidency

Talk about a case of being frustrated by the lateness of the attack. I don't know if anyone else heard this this morning, but it was about time our President fashioned a corded whip, and beat the merchants of arrogance out of the temple. I simply smiled as he plowed headlong into to their "just descended from Mt. Olympus" pomposity.

One thing is apparent in his point: The clueless are every bit as dangerous as the malevolent.



Liz said...

Can I just vote for him again please?

aahrens said...

Sure wish he'd done this a long time ago. I simply can't stand the elitist media treating people like they are a bunch of dunderheads. And what ever happened to good old fashioned respect for authority. Doesn't mean you have to agree - agreement and respect are two different things.