Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Director Of Really Bad Movies Now Writing Even Worse Books

Sooner or later this had to happen. And tragicomic fallout remains to be seen.

Just when you thought a decently written DaVinci Code written by Dan Brown, distilled into an inarticulate cinematic morass by Ron Howard, couldn't get any sillier. Now, the man who gave the culturally-enriching masterpiece, Basic Instinct, has co written a book claiming that Jesus was the product of . . . um, the unwanted, invasive advances of a military Roman Lothario:

In his upcoming biography of Jesus, "Basic Instinct" director Paul Verhoeven will make the shocking claim that Christ probably was the son of Mary and a Roman soldier who raped her during the Jewish uprising in Galilee, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

And it seems at the outset, that the sort of "rage" and "humanity-reducing threats to one's person" are not going to be the order of the day (as if they ever are in any large scale are when Christians are mocked). Perhaps even Mr. Verhoeven's enthusiasm has caused him to run the ball too far into the anti-Jesus end zone, and spiked--the only raging coliseum applause existing in his own head. At least according the the Catholic League's president, Bill Donahue:

"He's been working 20 years trying to sell this argument and hasn't come up with anything. This won't make a dent with Christians, nor with scholars somewhat wary of the biblical account. It's a European version of Hollywood. He should go back to Sharon Stone's legs."
Hopefully, the whole of Christendom will sit back and let these things roll out on their own with little or no protest. No one, not even the rank unbeliever, is really interested in such bitter rewrites of Jesus' life. To try to stop it in any way will merely contribute to the same protest purchases that took erstwhile paupers like the 2LiveCrew and made them into incidental millionaires. No sense in bankrolling one that already is.


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aahrens said...

Reading your post made me think of something I read in a really good book once....something about "knees bowing" and "tongues confessing" about the very person portrayed in this movie....hmmm....wonder how they'll fit that into the story?