Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol Alert!

Yes, we've had Apostolics almost make and make the American Idol cut in the past, but now we're told an ex-Apostolic is still in the running.

Excerpted from an email:

"Michael Sarver is from Jasper, TX and is in the top 36 on American Idol. Michael was formerly raised UPC too. Vote for him on American Idol and pray that he returns to his roots and can be a witness to others. Anyway, more than being famous, I pray he gets back in church."

I'm told his mother still attends a UPC church in August and was on the show tonight.

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Ron Giesecke said...

Just saw the clip of that guy. Wow. Great voice.

I wish we'd find a way to keep from outsourcing our best, but oh well . . . seems like a guy with a soft heart.