Saturday, February 14, 2009

Katy Perry's Pentecostal Past

So while Katy Perry's Grammy moment had her shouting through her "I Kissed a Girl" hit while simultaneously struggling to dance without noticeable rhythmn, the song was easily (sadly) one of the big hits of 2008.

Turns out, she grew up Pentecostal:

"Couric pointed out that growing up with her preacher parents meant that she often spoke in tongues, channeling messages from God — which Couric added is a Pentecostal practice. "It's exactly that," Perry, who will be performing at the show on Sunday, explained. "There was a movie called 'Jesus Camp,' and I watched it and I went, 'Oh my gosh! I didn't know they had behind-the-scenes footage of my childhood!' " "

Her album is hooky, so it's perfect pop. It's just sad to see her choosing pseudo-lesbianism to get noticed.

Someone somewhere needs to do a study on all the people who grew up Pentecostal & then had their pop star moments.

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Anonymous said...

She wasn't raised UPC, but pentecostal