Friday, February 27, 2009

The Planet is Doomed!!

Thanks to the crazy presidential election coverage and the crazy economy, Americans are watching more television than ever before.  For the average American, viewing time has gone up from 145 hours a month to 151 hours a month.  That works out to about 5 hours every day



Of course, lack of money is the driving motive, but the methods are dramatically increased for many.  People are watching more TV because people have more TV sets.  The average U.S. household now contains more TV sets than people.  This allows each person in the house to watch their own special shows.  Add to this the fact that more people are utilizing TiVo and other DVRs.  This allows them to watch time-shifted television instead of just relying on what is playing when they are ready to watch as in the olden days.  Add to this the fact that it is becoming more popular to watch television over the internet.  Add to this the fact that people are watching even more on their cell phones.  It's no wonder people are watching more television! 


I believe that TV, like any technology, is a tool that is morally neutral.  However, hearing such statistics makes a media fast sound both spiritually and mentally healthy (not to mention thwarting the evil schemes of aliens).   Imagine what we would have time for if we were not constantly distracted by music, social networking sites, sports, celebrity gossip, and all the other media junk we tend to feed ourselves.  How much time do you waste on mindless entertainment each month?  Just something to think about...


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aahrens said...

I never though I was addicted to media until I did one of those media fasts. Whoa- that was a huge wake up call. Thanks for the reminder.