Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness: Week 1

After the first day of games on Thursday night I laughed. (Humbly, of course, but still--I laughed.) Bracket host (and 90&9 staffer) Bradley McDonald was ranked below his mother, his father, and his wife. (Rumors had it that his dog was too loyal to embarrass poor Bradley by signing up.)

Now the first two rounds of March Madness have been completed and I'm not laughing (even humbly) anymore.

We've got 15 people participating in 90&9's (almost) annual NCAA pool and--unexpected as it sounds--11 people are ahead of me. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, but that group includes my wife (10th) and my 11-year-old son who has never done this before, but now thinks he's invincible. (Rumors have it that my dog is too loyal to embarrass me by signing up.)

The Standings (with the good sports placing beneath me not included to protect their jobs and/or academic standings):

1 Kenny Chessor
2 RJ Aycock
3 Shirley McDonald
4 David Bunch
5 Caleb Curry
6 Jaime McDonald
7 Bradley McDonald
7 Marsupial Jones
9 Bobby McDonald
10 Nita Curry
11 Kimberly Rigney
12 Kent Curry

You should've signed up. It's fun!

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Josh Lewis said...

Thanks for protecting my stellar sports reputation. may never offer me that job if they see that I rank behind even you!