Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short Attention Span

I was driving with my 16 year old niece this evening, running errands, and I noticed the way she channel surfs the radio. Like, there's no possible way she knows what's playing on a given station because she may stay on a station a nano-second before moving on. Once she hears one chord of something she recognizes, then she stops and listens. But if something is not engaging her immediately, then it's time to move on.

And not only does she not listen to something long enough to even know if she'll like it, but commercials are definitely out. And tonight four or five stations were playing severe weather warnings for our area and the incessant beeping would not have caught her attention if I hadn't said something.

Now once she finds something that qualifies as "a good song", then we have to turn it up to mind numbing levels and sing along.

So what does this say about getting messages (such as the Gospel) through to today's kids? I don't know, exactly, except that it appears to me that a spoken/sung message (as on the radio) has to really stand out from all the rest or be really familiar to get a notice.

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