Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Day is When?

Did you know that most scholars don’t believe our Christmas tradition doesn’t have pagan roots? Do you know what the 12 days of Christmas actually are? Lots of fascinating information in this article from Biblical Archaeology Review about "How December 25 Became Christmas."

For instance:

“So, almost 300 years after Jesus was born, we finally find people observing his birth in midwinter. But how had they settled on the dates December 25 and January 6?

There are two theories today: one extremely popular, the other less often heard outside scholarly circles (though far more ancient).”


carandavis said...

is there supposed to be a link?

kdc said...

There is now! Thanks.

Wendy said...

The information contained in this article corresponds to the findings of the research presented in "The Star of Bethlehem," a documentary showcasing scientific data pointing to evidence that the star actually existed. It's an excellent movie if you get the chance to watch it! Kind of cool that I'm getting this information from two different sources only a couple of weeks apart.