Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top Ten Tech failures of 2009

Holiday traditions are a dime a dozen. I, however have somehow managed to go my entire life without a staple of a consistent holiday tradition. I don't watch a certain Christmas movie, I don't put up the Christmas lights with dad on a certain date, and I don't have to be at a certain house with a precise number of people every Christmas. I think all in all, any hope for a consistent holiday tradition was lost at the onset of my teenage years when my grandparents on one side moved away, and my grandparents on the other side became deathly ill and were moved out of their house (where Christmas Eve was held with all my rich aunts and uncles ever year) and into a retirement home.

However, one tradition that I have been silently enjoy for the past 3-4 years is the year end "best of/worst of the year" lists. I am a complete sucker for them. I can't get enough of them. This year is a special year as many lists are "Best of the Decade" lists which is even more nostalgic goodness.

Suddenly I find myself actually caring about the "Ten best investments of 2009" when before such a list, I had spent zero-no time caring about investing. Well, one list that really drew my attention was the "Top Ten Tech Fails of 2009".

I was reminded at how hyped up the Conficker Worm was only to see absolutely no damage done on April 1st.

But in the article, the author remarks that "this (2009) was the year that social media exploded."

And this was validated in the article itself where 5 of the 10 tech failures were social networking related (6 if you count Gmail).

I probably would have thought 2008 would be the year that social media exploded, and see 2009 as more of the year when all the social media became centralized and organized according to function.

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