Sunday, December 06, 2009

Study reveals that I am angry (obvious)

For today's celebration of the joys of youth, please visit the following article:

Study Reveals the Angriest Americans

Here you will find a list of the Angriest Americans....

And you're winner?
"....people under 30 experienced anger of all forms or intensities more frequently than did older adults. This was mainly due to the fact that young people are more likely to be affected by three  core stressors that can trigger angry feelings, Schieman said:
  • Time pressures
  • Economic hardship
  • Interpersonal conflict at the workplace."
As if us cynical, discontent, and cranky young people needed one more thing to complain about...

We get to complain about the fact that we are angry...

Time Pressures? Never Enough time in the day to sit on facebook just a little bit longer to "like" someone's facebook status....

Economic Hardship? It can get awfully hard paying for that hefty mortgage living in your parents house (sarcasm).

Interpersonal conflict at the workplace?  So what if we told another co-worker to look at so-and-so's pics that were posted on facebook over the weekend. Did that really deserve for that so-and-so to confront me?

Okay, so enough with the sarcasm...I understand that there are people under 30 who have a lot more responsibility (such as actually having to pay a house payment), but in general, I really can't relate to the reasons listed....

So what makes us under 30's so angry?

Our comfortable living. We are, in general, spoiled (I wholly acknowledge the sin I am committing of grouping millions of American young people in a box, so if this stereotype does not pertain to you then I apologize). And when you live very isolated from the real world and the problems and stresses that the real world can throw at you, you begin to focus on little problems, and little dramas, and little "he said, she says" as the focus of your life. You forget to see the bigger picture of blessings and focus on the most unimportant of details. We are an obsessive compulsive generation who wants this that and the other in perfect order and harmony...

Never willing to acknowledge that life will never give in to such demands. So when real problems hit in our lives, we are not prepared with how to synthesize the information. We then just freak out. We throw out the baby with the bathwater and also the entire bathtub. We get angry.

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