Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More Sex on TV: Part 7,648

USA Today, obviously poking about on a slow news day, discovers TV shows that are (once again) overtly pushing sex on television:

ABC programming chief Steve McPherson says he has faced no pressure to edge up content but acknowledges late prime-time slots offer opportunities. "If you can get a loud broadcast-acceptable 10 p.m. show, it's a time to take chances," McPherson says. Moreover, broadcast executives acknowledge that premium-channel and basic-cable-channel rivals are altering the TV landscape.

"We don't want to be out of touch with the way society is going," says NBC's Angela Bromstad. "At the same time, you have to be careful what you put on air."

Me Again: But could this be why overall TV audiences are down? What are the indicators where “society is going”? How do they decide that--using other media desperately trying to retain an audience by pushing sex?

It's time for Christian artists to offer clear alternatives through drama, graphic arts, writing, and music. Create it, and they will come.


Anonymous said...

Or you could not watch TV like conservative Apostolics do. "Abstain from all appearance of evil."

Sara said...

Absolutely. Just bring Christian influence to the medium. This is a ripe opportunity.

To Anon- Surely you jest. To fully live out that misapplication of scripture, we should head for the bunkers, because "appearances of evil" are all around us. You can't escape that -- only moderate it. But if you prefer abstinence, I can respect that as well.

John said...

I hate to bring this up but people are watching more TV not less.