Friday, February 19, 2010

Morality: Innate or Culturally contstructed

Dear reader,

Below you will find a half hour audio show from my all-time favorite audio show called radiolab. The half hour below taken from an episode about morality is at the heart of what I want to study further within academia. "How does the brain work with religion?"

The question the clip is trying to get at, is how much of our morality is built in our DNA as human beings and how much is learned through upbringing?

The answer you may think is obviously what is taught by parents, culture, Sunday School teachers, etc...

But this clip suggests some of our sense of right or wrong may be built-in....

If you don't have a half hour, listen to the first ten minutes or so because the questions at the beginning in and of itself is fascinating to evaluate your self with and to ask friends for good rousing dinner conversation....I promise you, you won't get bored of the clip, and you will feel smarter after listening to it.

Here's a Hint: When I first heard the experiment I instinctively said I would pull the lever and push the man. (it will make sense in the clip)....

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