Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Unprecedented Super Bowl Ad

I don’t follow College Football all that closely, but even a tepid fan knows the most exciting (and successful) college football player over the last four years has been Florida’s QB Tim Tebow. He led the Gators to two national championships, won the Heisman as an underclassman (for the first-time ever) and a slew of other awards. Turns out he was supposed to be aborted.

Says Sports Illustrated’s Peter King:

“Also, he's an unabashed pro-life supporter; his mother, Pam, was advised by her doctor late in Tebow's pregnancy to abort the baby because it was a dangerous pregnancy. Her refusal led to Tebow's compelling life -- and also to a 30-second Super Bowl commercial by Tebow and Pam (sponsored by Focus on the Family) that will add to Tebow-mania.

On Friday I spoke to Tebow for the first time, mostly about football, but some about the commercial -- and, specifically, what impact it might have, if any, on his draft prospects. I told him most NFL teams like their rookies to be seen and not heard, and certainly not heard in any politically divisive way. And there isn't a subject in this country that touches more buttons than abortion.

What I heard from Tebow was the voice of a kid with convictions, who doesn't shrink from what he believes -- even if it might hurt his draft prospects.

"That's always going to be a part of who I am, and I won't try to hide it,'' Tebow told me from Nashville, where he was working out with Bratkowski, the former Packer quarterback and longtime NFL assistant coach. "A team that doesn't want that shouldn't take me. Pro-life is very important to me. My mother listened to God late in her pregnancy, and if she had listened to others and terminated me, obviously I wouldn't be here. If others don't have the same belief, it's OK. I understand. But I hope they respect that at least I have the courage to stand up for what I believe in.''

Naturally, there’s blowback over the upcoming Super Bowl anti-abortion ad. Says the Los Angeles Times:

“CBS' decision on the Tebow ad comes as networks and TV stations have struggled for revenue amid a weak advertising market. Until recently, networks were routinely able to command higher rates each year for Super Bowl commercials, but that ended with the recession. CBS has been selling 30-second spots in the Feb. 7 Super Bowl for about $2.7 million each -- slightly less than NBC was able to command for last year's game -- and still has some advertising time left to sell.”

Whatever the criticism, Tebow is undeniable proof that amazing future humans are lost via abortion. Some people don’t want that message out. It’s exciting to see some believers are willing to invest their money in their beliefs during the most-watched event of every year.

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