Monday, May 31, 2010

Disconnected Again

Last Friday, Kent sent me an e-mail of a possible link suggestion for Collideoscope. I didn't get it until today. I had been happily out of town dogsitting for a friend. The reason for my glee was there was no access to the internet. No people. No internet. And it was incredible.  I finished Moby Dick which has been dragging along for over a month now. And I had three separate naps in a two day period just because I was overly comfortable watching some baseball games on TV. And the coolest part was there was so much time! I did what I wanted and more and still had more time than necessary. There were even faint hints of boredom in the back of my mind which has become an entirely alien feeling with the onset of my internet addiction.

And the strange thing about all this is the link Kent sent me is a post about how the Washington Post asked a series of writers to go without internet for one week. And quick 250-500 columns of the writers' reflections about their time without the internet. I assure you each of the columns is very thought provoking, although you will probably need to register (which literally took me 45 seconds) to see all of the columns. I highly recommend checking out Christian Davenport's and Michael Rosenwald's columns in particular.

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